The Gympie Region Near Brisbane Is Attracting Gold Diggers – Tunf News – News

The ongoing pandemic has pushed many Australians to look for new ways of generating income. Some of these inventive souls have decided to take inspiration from earlier generations and go out looking for gold. Gold fossicking has become so popular in Gympie that the town’s mayor, Glen Hartwig, confirmed the rumors that there is an increase in demand for gold fossicking permits.

He said:

“With the gold price being $2,500 per ounce, I think there is an interest in mining again in and around Gympie. Not only are our own residents doing a bit more fossicking but there are the travelers that are coming through trying their luck as well.”

Once upon a time, Gympie was a paradise for gold diggers. In 1867, Englishman James Nash found gold in the region and all of a sudden, prospectors from all over the country came to Gympie. Mr. Hatwig said that, although the days of the gold rush are long gone, people are still enthusiastic about finding valuable metals in the region.

The mayor added:

“There’s a bit of an art to it, some people are probably better at it than others naturally. You can use a cradle, which is a bit more industrious, but most people just use a fossicking pan and swirl it around, and the gold’s denser and generally settles to the bottom of the pan.”

He also told the public that this new trend will benefit Gympie since the visitors tend to leave some money in it.