Speculation growing about where 1.1763kg gold nugget was found in North Queensland – Townsville Bulletin

SPECULATION about where an enormous gold nugget was found in North Queensland is rife on social media, with plenty of people also adding metal detectors to their Christmas wish list.

The Bulletin revealed yesterday a prospector found an enormous 1.1763kg gold nugget in a field in the Charters Towers region worth about $63,814.

One gram of gold is worth about $54.25.

The nugget was 15cm below the ground and discovered using a Minelab GPX 5000 detector.

media_cameraProspector found this 1.1763kg gold nugget in a field in the Charters Towers region worth about $63,814.

The story sparked a flurry of online discussion and speculation as to where exactly it was dug up.

Locations such as Charters Towers, Ravenswood, Pentland and Mount Isa have all been flagged as the potential gold mine.

“There still gold in them there hills LOL (sic),” Joanne Klein posted on Facebook.

“The prospector declined to identify the exact location where the nugget was found. I would think so for 101 reasons.,” Mark Watts posted.

“We are heading to Charters Towers on our way to see you guys at Xmas. Hopefully we will pick one of these up on the way,” Sandra Honnery posted.

“It’s out there you just have to know where to look! Here in Mount Isa there’s more then people realise just have to look in the right place (sic),” Kate Galvin posted.

Some eager prospectors now want metal detectors for Christmas.

“I might sell the canoes and get a metal detector,” Jacqui Dilley posted.

“I want a metal detector for the Christmas present and then we are heading north for next holiday,” Jai Neiht posted.

Others hoped on landing a date with lucky prospector.

“If he is single please pass my details,” Kitty Tighe posted.

The mystery man isn’t the only man making headlines with his gold find.

Earlier this month, sporting legend Merv Hughes rolled into Charters Towers for a little fishing and fossicking, all part of the filming of his Merv Hughes Fishing show.

The man with the mo landed picked up a nice gold nugget while prospecting with Gold City Detecting’s Peter Cragg.

media_cameraMerv Hughes was delighted with his gold nugget find while prospecting with Peter Cragg from Gold City Detecting and Minelab at the fossicking site near Charters Towers.

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