‘Recreational forest users’ applaud Jerome’s stance – Gympie Times

INDEPENDENT Gympie state election candidate Tim Jerome’s policy of allowing access for recreation in state forests and national parks has won praise from recreational forest user representatives.

Campaign manager for the Qld State Forest User Alliance and State Forest Hunting for Qld , Rhys Bosley, said Mr Jerome’s policies would increase public land access for a wide variety of recreational pursuits, including camping, four-wheel driving, trail-bike riding, fishing and fossicking.

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It would also allow volunteer conservation hunting of feral pests on all public lands, Mr Bosley said.

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“Mr Jerome’s policies for better use of our state forests and national parks get a gold star from us,” he said.

“The forest related policies are comprehensive and well thought through, encompassing commercial and recreational use of forests, as well as a sound emphasis on environmental protection.

Geoff Williams, Tony Perrett, Michael Blaxland, Donna Reardon, Lauren Granger-Brown, Roland Maertens, Tim Jerome, Nicholas Fairbairn, candidates Gympie state election.

“We have had a number of candidates and parties who have supported our agenda to allow the people of Queensland greater access to their public land, but prior to the election campaign we were unaware of Mr Jerome.

“To come across such a comprehensive policy agenda by chance and with no input

from us is highly impressive. In our opinion it demonstrates that Mr Jerome is a candidate who is hard working and thoughtful about how to best serve the Gympie electorate.

“The lock it up and leave it ideology adopted towards Queensland public land by this government has failed on economic, environmental and social grounds, so it is great to see Tim Jerome leading the fight to make better sustainable use of our public lands.

“The Queensland State Forest User Alliance and State Forest Hunting for Queensland campaigns are online campaigns that have collectively attracted over 4500 supporters and have cooperated with groups in the hunting, recreational pr

Gympie’s Tim Jerome

ospecting and fossicking, four-wheel driving and agricultural communities.

“The campaigns supported two petitions to Queensland parliament, one that that raised 13,576

signatures supporting the legalisation of state forest hunting in Queensland, and another that raised 6080 signatures to prevent the lock-up of Queensland state forests into national parks. “Both petitions were knocked back by the Labor Government.”