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Adani Outrage

Queensland taxpayers are once again supporting a billionaire coal baron.

This time in the form of a royalty holiday that could very likely cost us over $300 million.

The exact details are unknown because the government insists on secrecy to hide its deal under the guise of “business in confidence”.

Absolute rubbish!

The Queensland taxpayer is now a stockholder in the Adani mine and we have every right to know the details of how much money we are going to lose.

Australia’s big four banks and dozens of other financiers around the world have distanced themselves from Adani, yet the Queensland government has rolled out the red carpet for a mine that will soon become a stranded asset.

Adani continues to claim this mine will produce billions of dollars in taxes and royalties. More rubbish.

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Adani must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Adani’s track record, both in India and Australia, is rife with questionable activities.

In 2017, Adani’s Abbot Point coal facility was fined more than $12,000 for polluting the waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

In February 2020, the mining giant was convicted and fined $20,000 after pleading guilty to providing false or misleading information to Queensland’s environmental regulator.

In August this year, Adani was ordered to pay four companies more than $100 million after a court found it had carried out “unconscionable conduct” as part of a contractual dispute centred around its Abbot Point terminal.

Tony Fontes, Jubilee Pocket

I’m confident of my track record

The 2020 State election is nearing and I can tell you that I proudly stand on my record of achievements since first elected in 2015, delivering millions of dollars in education, roads, infrastructure, nursing homes, tourism and events to create local jobs for local people.

I’m not confident going into this election, but I’m confident of my track record.

I have delivered more police, fireys, ambos, teachers and teacher aides, corrections officers, doctors and nurses in Keppel than ever before.

This was firstly to replace those lost after Campbell Newman and Deb Frecklington sacked and cut their way through Queensland’s first responders.

And secondly, their rosters have been bolstered to meet current and future demand to keep you – the community – safe.

I delivered major projects including an $8.5m upgrade to the North Rockhampton Nursing Centre, $6m to Yeppoon State High School, $20m to the Rockhampton-Yeppoon road, $8.5m teaching block at Parkhurst SS, $2.4m to Livingstone Shire Council, millions on Yeppoon and Emu Park foreshores, plus we introduced some of the world’s toughest mining safety laws to protect our valued miners.

Because of the Premier’s strong health response and the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s clear plan for economic recovery, we are continuing to deliver on our commitment to develop vital infrastructure and support Queensland jobs and businesses.

We’re working together and avoiding a health crisis in Queensland.

Let’s finish the job and kickstart Queensland’s economic recovery together.

I need your support to finish the job we started.

Brittany Lauga MP, State Member for Keppel


Harry’s view on Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis.


Community consultation was overwhelmingly in favour of replacing Rockhampton’s Black Gin Creek with a more appropriate name.

Gloria Connor: My grandparents raised a family of seven in the beautiful old home that still stands on the banks of Black Gin Creek. Nothing racist about the name in the more than 100 years of our family connection. Just bureaucratic nonsense and a blatant waste of tax payers funds.

Stuart Beer: I can understand how some people might find the name of this creek offensive.

I cannot understand how people are outraged by a name change.

Phil Godwin: What? This is the biggest load of garbage. The name has never had anything to do with racism a “black gin” is what the wagon was called that water was brought out to this location on rail. It was a water gin wagon that were all painted with a black tar base coating to stop them from rusting. I’ll bet my last dollar that if they were painted white and called the creek white gin creek no one would give a toss. I’m absolutely discussed in the amount of ignorance that our so called “community consultation” has this is totally stupid. I’ve got a good bloody mind to run for a seat on the council and really start flipping a few upside down.

Malcolm Howie: Still Black Gin Creek to me.

Joanne Coulter: It’s only racist if you allow it to be.

Michael Herdman: And yet every time you run or others ran this story there was an overwhelming amount of people asking why we are changing all these landmarks names.