EXTRAORDINARY: Monto silo art project finally complete – News Mail

A SEA of magical colours has erupted along the Burnett Hwy, with the long awaited silo art murals at Three Moon now complete.

Years of planning, organising and lobbying by the Monto Magic Tourism and Action Group (MMTAG) has now produced Monto’s exclusive tourist attraction, just in time for grey nomad season.

Brisbane artists Travis Vinson (Drapl) and Joel Fergie (The Zookeeper), famous for their silo artworks in Thallon, Central QLD, are responsible for the splash of colour at Three Moon, several minutes outside Monto.

Earlier this year the North Burnett Regional Council secured drought relief funding from the Federal Government to the tune of $1 million, with its six towns receiving $120,000 each.

The completed silo art murals at Three Moon near Monto. Picture: Sam Turner

MMTAG led the charge and put forth their plan to transform Monto through breathtaking art murals, which have revived a town damaged by drought and economic hardship.

Both artists have been overwhelmed with the town’s response to their artworks, with the silo art being their masterpiece.

“When we start planning for these silos, we wanted it to be one cohesive project, as it’s more visually appealing,” Mr Fergie said.

“After we started researching the legends behind Three Moon, we found all these different stories, so we decided to take upon ourselves and tell three in one large story.”

The main piece on the art murals at Three Moon near Monto. Picture: Sam Turner

Wanting to keep the meaning behind the ethereal paintings ambiguous, Mr Fergie said both artists created their own interpretations of stories told about the legend of Three Moon.

The centre piece depicts a swagman travelling along Three Moon Creek, gazing at the moon while regaling a tale to his granddaughter.

An Indigenous Dreamtime story about mustering cattle at Three Moon. Picture: Sam Turner

The left hand silo depicts an Indigenous legend about tribes travelling to the area every three months to help muster cattle.

Finally the right hand silo shows a gold miner fossicking at Cania Gorge under the night sky.

All three stories were researched by the artists after an indepth conversation with a North Burnett elder, which shined the light on the rich and mysterious history of Three Moon.

With no historical images to reference, the Brisbane artists went about collecting their own to create their final astonishing project.

The right hand silo piece depicting gold fossicking at Cania Gorge. Picture: Sam Turner

Regardless of their motivations for the three artworks, they want to leave the door open to interpretation for those visiting the site.

“There are many little hidden things in there, and people will come to their own conclusions from their experiences,” Mr Fergie said.

“We wanted it to be somewhat mysterious and magical, and we feel like we’ve finished the project on a solid note.”

Both artists are encouraging artists to snap pictures at night, in order to use the Milky Way Galaxy as a breathtaking backdrop.

Monto’s art trail is far from over, with several murals yet to come in the main street.